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How To Sell To Your Contacts Contacts

Access to a larger pool of potential customers is one of the perennial problems many businesses face.

One of the easiest ways to talk to these potential customers is to ally your business with associated businesses with similar client profiles.

What if you were a plumber, how would it benefit you to have an electrician, carpenter, plasterer, tiler, kitchen fitter, architect, flooring specialist, roofer, builder, gardener, alarm installer, decoration, insurance assessor and more all looking for new business for you?

This is how networking works. Personal recommendations from allied trades that are already in front of your potential customers.

At least that is how good networking works. Some networking groups are little more than talking shops, which can waste a lot of time without passing much business to you.

The most structured and regimented is in all probability BNI, a national organisation, famous for implementing a strict set of rules and regulations that all members are forced to comply with.

At the other end of the spectrum are a myriad of less well known networking groups that all have less well implemented rules and regulations.

In between are highly successful groups, that have often spawned from more regimented organisations, taking the rules that work without implementing the onerous regulations that irritate members in the longer term.

One such group is The ROOM, a networking group in Bedford, which has successfully developed its own structure, providing exclusivity for each industry type, and quarterly performance statistics showing the groups performance, without getting bogged down in mandatory referral processes that put unnecessary pressure on members.

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Members pass business to each other because they want to help their fellow members, not because they are forced to do so.

In some networking groups, a lot of time is wasted because weak referrals are passed through necessity, which rarely convert into new business. This results is time wasting rather than business creation.

In The ROOM, genuine business referrals are passed between members, leading to ever closer & stronger bonds between the represented businesses present.

Find out for yourself how informal, but structured networking can help your business to grow. Visit The ROOM and find out more.