Sell To Your Contacts Contacts

How To Sell To Your Contacts Contacts

Access to a larger pool of potential customers is one of the perennial problems many businesses face.

One of the easiest ways to talk to these potential customers is to ally your business with associated businesses with similar client profiles.

What if you were a plumber, how would it benefit you to have an electrician, carpenter, plasterer, tiler, kitchen fitter, architect, flooring specialist, roofer, builder, gardener, alarm installer, decoration, insurance assessor and more all looking for Continue reading “Sell To Your Contacts Contacts”

Drink Driving

To Drink and Not to Drive

Perhaps it should read “to drive and not to drink”, but it does not really matter because unless you have been living on another planet, it is most unlikely that you are unaware of, if not the exact rules, then the social non-acceptance of drinking and driving.

There are some who flout it, there are some perennial abusers of the law, and there are some that are caught through error or misjudgement of their intake.

Measuring your intake is an inexact science, varying from person to person, and a number of factors having Continue reading “Drink Driving”

House Building & The Environment

Going Green In House Building

The image of house construction, to the glance of the passer-by, would not seemed to have changed a great deal over the years.

Site clearance, and foundation digging, with a varying assortment of trench digging mini-diggers, dumpers, and all-powerful back-hoe machinery goes on as it seems to on all sites, followed by endless quantities of cement mixing, as blocks and bricks slowly rise week after week.

There is an alternative type of construction gaining ground in Britain, helped, not least, by the Government’s drive towards zero carbon housing, and that is a prefabricated timber frame construction.

Although requiring similar foundation laying, the process of the build is far quicker. The factory-built frames are Continue reading “House Building & The Environment”

Backlinks Rule

Quality Backlinks Are King!

Whatever you may have heard or read about SEO being dead and Google changing everthing to prevent webmasters from manipulating their results, SEO isn’t dead & backlinks still have the greatest influence on SERP listings.

Google has changed everything, but also nothing in the greater scheme of things.

They have dramatically increased the quality required to rank at all, let alone well, and the requirements for your backlinks have Continue reading “Backlinks Rule”