Backlinks Rule

Quality Backlinks Are King!

Whatever you may have heard or read about SEO being dead and Google changing everthing to prevent webmasters from manipulating their results, SEO isn’t dead & backlinks still have the greatest influence on SERP listings.

Google has changed everything, but also nothing in the greater scheme of things.

They have dramatically increased the quality required to rank at all, let alone well, and the requirements for your backlinks have changed, but not fundamentally, it is just the quality that needs to be addressed if you are going to rank well in search.

SEO is constantly evolving and staying up to date or ahead of these changes is a necessity for website owners.

If you focus on quality content, quality links and quality social signals then you will prosper.

Your backlinks need to pass several vital attributes if you are going to rank well. Gone are the days of blasting low quality links from link farms and blog networks. It just doesn’t work. Worse than that, it will actively harm your rankings.

Each of your backlinks needs to pass trust, authority and value to your page content. This means that each link needs to be on a page that;

  • Is indexed in Google
  • Contains Relevant Content
  • Is On A Unique “Class C” IP
  • Has a Relevant Link Category
  • Isn’t An “Orphan” Page
  • Isn’t Associated With A Link Network
  • Has A Good Quality Score

If your backlinks achieve these goals then they will assist your rankings and you will climb online and attract more organic traffic.